Sunday, March 8, 2015

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I can admit life during meet season gets slightly out of control, lol! Computer issues, Boo's dad working out of town, raising 2 kids on my own, and working at the gym hasn't left me much time or resources for blogging about school, gym, or life on the R & B farm.
Then there are distractions, some bigger than others. If you followed my other blog you might know I am no longer writing over there. The content was being used in an attempt to bully me & Boo's half brother, who has been living here in the "big city" full time for 2 yrs now so he can attend a science based chapter high school. Sadly the bullying is coming from his own mom, BC's ex wife. I have never agreed with her methods but she's a mom and I can understand the complexities going on in her heart. If it was just about me I would surely defend myself & my writing (not my grammar) but it's about protecting a kid...and that is more than enough said. *  

Beach has competed two more time since I last posted. The first meet was in town. The Winter Classic in Park City. She had a fantastic meet 3rd on Vault with a 9.5, 3rd on bars with a 9.1, 4th on beam with a fall 8.75, 3rd on floor with a 9.55, and 4th in the All Around with a 36.9. One of our local gyms is throwing out wonderfully high scores it makes competing in state so much more exciting!!! Beach is simply having a fantastic season. 

What wasn't so fantastic about that meet were some of the parents we encountered. It was a little shocking. I don't quite know how to say this so how about now I see where the stereo type of a pushy gym mom comes from. I can gladly say it was the first time we have seen that level of poor sportsmanship (I really mean parenting) and negativity. I wrote a small note about it found at The Best Gift
The second meet was in Minneapolis Minnesota!!! And guess who packed up her stuff and flew out with her team but left her mom behind?! That's right, Beach did. What a big kid...I am, lol. 

I was sent this pic of her & bunny enjoying the window seat on the plane with  her teammates Sophie and K snuggled in beside her.

It wasn't one of her best meet (35.950 All Around) but it sounds like she is having a blast. She had a fall on bars 8.55, a big wobble on beam but look at that score 9.525, not a bad vault 8.925, and floor? Floor had issues 8.950. 

At the end of the last practice before they left out of town Beach's ending was changed to clean up a tiny deduction she was getting with the way she was placing her foot on the floor, toes curled under instead of placed flat & pointed. 

Boo was so busy thinking about the new ending she tucked her layout in her back tumbling pass. It sounds like one judge took away the 10 start value while the other left the 10 but nailed her on deductions. That is how the game is played. In fact this is a running joke Boo & I have: the judges ask "so coach, do you want us to nail her for a tucked layout or a laid out tuck, or was that a piked layout or a laid out pike?"

Pic's of meet hair. This worries me a little bit, I can't do that bottom french braid part and if you bottom french braid a gymnast's hair she's going want....
This is bars. The clip doesn't show her cast over fall it starts right after that. The mom filming for me is also the gym owner and the parent of 2 gymnasts so you can imagine she is a busy woman. I owe her a ton for taking such good care of Beach and of me! 

Look routine videos!!! Northern Lights 2015.
That at least catches us up on gym. State Meet is in about 2 weeks. If Beach scores above a 32.00 All Around she will qualify for Regionals the first week in May in Long Beach, California. It's almost all over!!!!! Oh, Believe it or not we are also managing school! I promise to get some of it up soon :) 

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