Sunday, March 8, 2015

school and life as one

Here is what I know today, 6 years down our homeschooling path: learning is our life and life is our school.  As I was trying to figure out how to share what Beach has been up to in the education department I realized not only have I been too busy to post about school I have been somewhat ashamed for how little "show+able+work" we were getting done. But when I look, really look, and listen, I know we are on the right path here.     
Part of what has been making me doubt myself is how easy it is. 
Homeschooling can't be this easy!! We must not be doing it right.

But that is just it, it is this easy. In the middle of the chaos of meet season we threw out all the stuff we felt we didn't need. All the outside expectations went away, with the intent to reinstate them as soon as we had time. I know that is laughable but true. 

Without all the other stuff weighing us down we have hit a prefect stride and a lot of things have fallen into place. With improvements in her vision via contacts Beach, for the first time since Kindergarten, is close to reading on grade level! it makes everything so much easier!!! 

Beach is even spreading her wings and taking a class without me. She is taking art lessons with my friend Sarah, who also happens to be Sophie, Boo's best friend's mom. Sarah picks Boo up on Tuesday mornings after dropping Sophie at school. Takes her to the adult art class Sarah teaches. Boo watches and listens and helps take care of little B. Then they go back to Sarah's house for a whole day of painting. I usually show up after freeing Sophie from school to run gym taxi for all of us. 

The quality of her art is impressive. What is even more impressive is what the Art Day does for Beach. Sarah is a gentle and patient teacher and Beach is a hyper focused little soul. Together they get lost and found in art.

Sarah gives my child something I cannot: art and younger siblings. 

When Beach is with me we play with science, numbers, and words. STEM is one of our new favorite ways to spend time.

 It is a good thing I took these pics because someone went and ate the bridge!
 Book work is here. We spend no more than 2 hrs a day in books. 
(not including literature) 
I might have already mentioned that skill wise Boo is ready for Algebra but now isn't the right until it is time her math is all fun and games, the abstract and the practical. As far as math/game books we absolutely love Mathmania!!!    

 Boo spends a lot of time playing in the land of the tree house. Making tiny items out of clay for her small people. 

Her papa and her made the tree house together after she found a similar item at the flee market but refused to pay the $30 price tag the vendor was asking.

Typically she wakes early. Plays and reads in her room.  Feeds her rabbit and plays with her bird before breakfast. We do a little book work, play a game of cards, and some house chores. Maybe run errands, prep dinner, bake, or go for a walk, some days we do all of the above. We eat lunch and read, play a few more games, watch a documentary or an old movie. By 2 we are in gym mode. Boo takes a shower, fixes her hair, and has a snack while watching kid programs on PBS. By 3:29 she is with her team running laps around the floor warming up for the 4 hr practice. Home by 8-ish pm for a small dinner and bedtime.   

 It is all so seamless.  Everything feels exactly as it should. This is what I was looking for when I was searching for answers about what home schooling REALLY was like. I wanted to know what it felt like. 
It feels like living :) 

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