Saturday, March 21, 2015

birds at school

You can clearly see how much these 2 love each other. I'll note that a bird is not a pet for just anyone. They demand a lot of attention and care. Boo is just the about the best kind of person you could get for a bird! 

Pixel, Boo's little Sun Conure was injured 2 nights ago when he spooked and flew into the edge of a glass panel. He is still not quite himself and has 2 large "spots" on his head that are featherless & swollen.  

He isn't flying but he is walking around, eerily silent. The vet we spoke with must have a bird herself because when I mentioned the lack of squawking she said, "that might not be such a bad thing." She advised we watch him carefully and he get plenty of rest and love.

Normally, Pixel spends a good deal of time out in the house with Beach. But since he wasn't able to be out (& he was a major worry) yesterday we took school in bed with him.  

We gathered our books, closed the door to Beach's room, and set up on the lower bunk. We read, worked, & played while Pixel snuggled and walked around.  

Usually this is where I say how nice it is in "times like these" to be able to have the flexibility to adapt school to our lives, not our lives to school...but it was Beach who said, "Mom, thanks." I asked her for what. She answered, "For knowing this was right." 

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