Wednesday, August 21, 2013

we love today

 Great day for spelling work and cursive practice
For beads, a few games of haunted memory, and skip counting out on the trampoline.
 For independent reading
Boo's view finder helps her focus on one line
at a time cutting down on the blurring of words and letters.

 For a bike ride to The Bend in the River nature area on the Jordan River Park Way 
And for sampling a wild acorn?
 Guess she likes it.
 A great day for finding frogs and tiny fish in the river

Also a great day to see Splore and members of the River Commission out cleaning up the river with the employees of Wells Fargo Bank :)  We love to see community service in action!!! They were fantastic to get to talk to. 
 Trash be gone!
 A great day to be home schooled :)


  1. among the most magical childhood memories. Catching fish. I could do it for hours. did they survive the bike ride home?
    this is why Beach is so awesome.
    Because she gets to spend her days this way.
    Good work, Misty-Mom.

  2. They did! And thank you for the kind words <3