Saturday, August 10, 2013

what a ninja birthday party looks like

Ninja Sophie's birthday party was held up Big Cottonwood Canyon at Storm Mt.  Time given to start on the invite was: After Gym.
Beautiful place to have a party!

See Boo's new pants?
And Boo's bee?
Ninjas on the slack line with Sophie clearly in charge and my Boo looking pretty dang little thank goodness Pep, Sophie's little sister, was there!  

The GTC girls always have great team work <3
Look out there is a pro out there on the line
Helping little sister along.
 Boo coaching Pep on beam <3 
 ninjas never stay up right very long

 Yep, talking with her coach about this just today fruit and a side of processed meat :/
 Boo's treasures
 Boo hiding from the baby that likes her
A few safety steps and off to the wall for some climbing.
Action up on the mountain

 Jeff getting Boo ready to go. 
He says, "I got ya Beacher."
 Come back Boo!!!!
 How ninjas avoid rattle snakes near the trail.
 Lighting candles in the breeze takes a fireman.
 Happy Birthday Sophie!!! 
How ninjas cut the cake! 

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  1. That looks like an amazing party - so much fun!