Wednesday, March 5, 2014

horse hair, donuts, and a visit to school

 On the days we watch Little Boo if her papa is around he watch him too.
Luckily he is one of my best friends.  And despite appearances and size he is one of the most gentle men I have ever known.  So it should be no surprise to me that the horses especially Latte seemed to love him.

The four of us spent a good half hour brushing Latte.  
Holy amounts of horse hair!
Latte was in heaven with so much attention.

 After a short look around at the other horse we headed for donuts (and coffee!).
 A little monkeying around downtown fueled by sugar.
 Little Boo's Papa in his natural habitat, photo right. Hello Crystal! 

 Last but not least the school yard.  
Dropping Little Boo off at kindergarten for crazy hat day.

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