Sunday, March 16, 2014

being a runner for the U of U

Boo's gym sent home notice that it was our gym's turn to provide runners for the University of Utah's Lady Utes meet!

"We need the gymnasts to arrive by 5:30 pm in the arena (1.5 hours prior to meet start). Your team can enter the arena via the (NEW ENTRANCE) East Staff Entrance area, on the east side of the Jon M. Huntsman Center, about 1/4way around the arena from the ticket office. The athletes need to be dressed in their warm-up suits, hair done like for a meet, and clean tennis shoes.

Please have your team gather in the seats just behind the head score table.  When all the girls have arrived, we will take them to dinner of pizza and soda.  (Also please have them bring minimal belongings as we do not have a lot of room on the arena floor.)

After dinner we will then train them, and practice a bit, before we place them on their event.

The athletes cannot be 14 years old or a sophomore in High School, but on the other hand the older the better, if they are too young, they get the numbers mixed up on the score trees. :)

It is really important that we arrive on time and do a good job!  This is a great opportunity and they don't just ask anyone." 

 The girls from our team chosen to be runners with Bog Coach D. 
They were all nervous and excited!

 Maybe you can spot little Boo with her teammate Maddy scoring for beam.

 Welcoming our Lady Utes!!!! 

"Senior Nansy Damianova scored a 10.0 in her final Huntsman Center routine and the Utes won a thriller, 198.025-197.600 over Georgia! The place was rocking with 15,224 fans and the Utes won their 30th gymnastics attendance title and fourth all-sports women's attendance crown." 
Fantastic night for everyone :)

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