Monday, May 4, 2015

results from Region 1 Championships 2015

Wow. Going to Regionals in Long Beach, California was big. Between all the girls competing in Level 7 and Xcel for our Region (No Cal, So Cal, Nevada, Utah, & Arizona) the meet hosted over 2,100 athletes! The largest USAG Regional meet in history. 
The venue was enormous. The girls competed based on age which split our little team into 4 sessions: Kelly, Beach & Toni, Sophie, and last Madie. So this is where I take the time to thank our amazing coaches, their families, our team parents, and our "owner". I know 1000% we are right where we should be. There isn't another group of people I would trust and love so completely as I do all of you guys. GTC ROCKS!  
Okay back to the meet, Beach and Toni ready to do it together!
They competed in Squad D starting on Floor.
Beach got a 9.725 1T Place LINK TO FLOOR
Next was Vault. Beach vaulted a 9.1. It was a good score for her but not good enough to medal. 
Third rotation was Bars. 9.575 2nd Place 
Then just like state their final rotation was Beam. There was Beach's chance for a do-over... 9.425 & 3rd Place. Way to go!!! 
And when it was all said and done Beach, a kid from Utah, 
Placed 2nd in the All Around!!! 
All of Beach's mates did well too. Toni 37.1 AA, best friend Sophie 37.325 (side bar: Beach got ill in the middle of the night after competing & was unable to see Sophie compete the next morning. She was devastated. We have an appointment with a GI to check in on what might be going on.), Kelly 36.175 AA, and Madie 35.275 AA. 
Nice work Little Giants. Now please enjoy a few shots of the 'wide saluter' getting her well deserved bling.
BUT this one (below) is the best. 
Not only is it of Beach and that wide salute taking 2nd in the All Around... 
but please note the crush of crazy gym moms down in front. 
*this sport makes you crazy*
One last item to take care of: 
Good-bye 2014-2015 Gymnastics Season
...and finish.

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