Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday mornings


The wind is blowing outside and we haven’t left the house.  I sit at my desk, facebook open on my computer, watching the heart breaking notes of my friends dropping their kids off at school.  I want to tell them I love them.  My grateful heart aches for their worry today. 
My child is on stairs at the board working away on a word problem.  We have Rome waiting in the wings, multiplication, silent letter spelling list (kn), Name that State board game, My Father’s Dragon, Sammy’s Story Shop UEN, Earth Science, and sugar cookies to make.   
We need to pop into the bakery to buy bread.  The women at the counter know us and always offer a piece of candy.  We could do some laundry if for nothing else than to feel the warm dryer fresh towels.  At lunchtime we will sit in the kitchen listening to NPR eating tomato soup and nibbling on grilled cheese sandwiches and sliced kiwis.  
A little before 3 make our way to a friend’s house to meet up before gym and for me to work my other job.  Tonight there will be a holiday party.  We go and stay late at the gym watching the team girls run wild through the gymnasium, siblings not far behind.  Eat good food.  Talk good talk.  Drive home in the dark.   
I am grateful for our simple day and for the sound of the wind outside the window.  Grateful for the pleasure of watching my child hold a mug of hot chocolate while moving her piece around the board naming states as we go.  Grateful for math we can do on the sofa under blankets and reading lying on the floor listening to the sound of dishwasher humming.  No bells, no lines, no hall passes.
I give up a lot to be here.  She gives up some things too.  And on Monday mornings such as this one I know it is worth it.  We tap our stocking feet together and say ‘there is no place like home.’                  

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