Friday, December 21, 2012

the months of the year, a gift from Rome

NameComes fromWho or what?Why?
JanuaryJanusGod of DoorsThis month opens the year. 
FebruaryfebruopurifyThis was a Roman month of sacrifices and purification.
MarchMarsGod of WarStart of year for soldiers (no fighting during winter).
AprilaperiroopenThis is the month when trees open their leaves.
MayMaiaGoddess of Growth/SpringThis is the month when plants really start to grow.
JuneJunoQueen of the GodsThe queen of the gods and Roman goddess of marriage.
JulyJulius CaesarRuler of RomeHe reorganized the calendar.
AugustAugustusEmperor of Rome
SeptemberseptemsevenSeventh month (counting from March).
OctoberoctoeightEighth month (counting from March).
NovembernovemnineNinth month (counting from March).
DecemberdecemtenTenth month (counting from March).

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