Monday, July 8, 2013

art and vision

Sometime I think out of the two of us is I who cannot see things clearly.  I've been watching Boo's taste in art knowing how she leans towards abstract and patterns and why with her visual disability it made sense to like bold clean lines and shapes.  But at that same time I have been wondering why her art isn't improving (?) just like her reading skills her art went from advanced for her age then stalled out eventually falling 'behind'.  Improvements from age 4-9 are microscopic.

After seeing work her peers were doing I wondered if perhaps we should 'work' on it but it seems a silly thing to do.  First, she is so self directed unless she feels it needs work there is very little I can do about or even need to do about it.  Second, art is about expression and what makes you feel good is good art :)

Boo and her Papa doing homework together

Boo's focus right now is on her handwriting, making up and using fancy fonts and a new love of cursive. Ah-ha! Yes, it took me a (long) moment to catch on she is improving her art via hand writing.  She is working on adding in the fine details and polishing her control on paper.  Her art is as good as she sees it.  To 'improve' she first needs to learn to see what is possible for her to do.  She must learn to find the missing connections and how she wants to go about filling them in.

Good, now I am up to speed with what is going on around here.........

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