Tuesday, July 16, 2013

teaching the teacher commonly known as playing Chess

Boo has been begging for someone to teach her Chess.  Now I know 9 is a bit old in most circles, she just was not interested before now.  I however really-really-really don't like it (really!) and I don't care for checkers either.  But in the end I am the one she finally cornered so we were both going to have to figure it out somehow which meant I had to learn something too.

Since I haven't play in over two decades (perhaps even longer!) we needed some help getting started.  We turned to YouTube for help and found the super friendly Chess Strategies Blog series of instructional videos on beginning chess. It was pretty fun learning together, despite my strong dislike for the game.  We learned all the placements and moves for each piece and successfully played two games, Boo winning both!  Admittedly neither of us is very good :)  

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