Sunday, July 21, 2013

life at gym

Something I have not written about yet was the loss from the gym and GTC team/family of two of Boo's Best Friends this past week.  Most of the story isn't mine to tell; the part that is, is how Boo is taking it.  Right now with the Score Out meet in two days she is staying focused on what has to be done.  But underneath it, outside the gym she is sad.
Perhaps lonely but not alone.
In the gym she is working hard and seems free from any outside forces. In fact I have never had so many positive comments from other parents & coaches about how good she looks.  She does look fantastic!!!
Of course change and loss is a part of life and learning.  The team which was much too large to begin with has been dwindling over the last year.  With this level of commitment of both time & money it is to be expected.  Gymnasts don't move up at the same rate, gymnasts drop out for other sports, gymnasts move gyms...and gymnasts carry on.
the hands of a 9 yr old gym rat
Good luck on Tuesday Boo Bear!!! 

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