Monday, July 8, 2013

caught in traffic

I think I said something like this "That sports car was going so slow because it is a little old lady behind the wheel," and then I laughed, "She was cute gripping the steering wheel peering through her glasses..." And Boo asked, "Am I going blind?"
Why do these conversation always occur in traffic?!  However I managed not rear-ending the guy in front of me on the interstate is a small miracle.
But honestly, how do you answer a question like that for her when you can't answer it for yourself?
The simple answer is: for right now, yes you are.
The complex answer is: for the future, we sure hope not.
And the complex one was the one I gave her along with talk of medical advances and hope and beating the odds.
When we got home she was tired and hungry, today at gym had been unusually stressful on her- hence the eye ability question in the first place, she seems to dwell on it in down moments whereas I tend to think about it more in up moments >shrug<.  Her Papa in the driveway with her brother working on building a wooden bench sawing and sanding asked her how gym was.
She answered, "We worked routines."
He asked, "Did you do any routines?"
She turned to glare, "We worked routines."
And he responded, "What, you can't talk to me?"
She stomped off inside muttering, "If there is a God he is a man; men never listen."
After a bite to eat, an explanation to her Papa regarding their communication issues, and the latest episode of Whodunnit, she let go and cried.
And then she moved on.


  1. My kids are also big 'car communicators'.

    I think being in the car gives them space to think. They also have your undivided attention with no distractions or interruptions, but it isn't too intense because you aren't sitting across a table face to face.

    It sounds like a tough day, and I'm glad she felt better by the end.

    Oh, and the God comment made me smile :-)