Wednesday, July 3, 2013

the other kind of bOoM

A little something special for Boo left on her bed
beside her leo the one place I am sure she will turn up! 

 Let's talk about gym life these days...

Her own private stash of fireworks for the 4th of July!

Staring this week the gymnastics LEVELS took on there new names, the parent are still trying to get used to it lots of "Did you mean 4 or 5?" & "Are you talking about new 6 or old 6?" We will get the hang of it eventually.
The gymnastics have some adjusting to do too.  Boo's group has been split 3 ways since it was formed in February!!! Those going to 7 were promoted then the 5's and 6's split. What started as over 19 girls is now just 4!  You read me right, GTC who is notorious for large competitive classes, there was always lots of groaning from other gym parents when two full lines of GTC girls march in to compete (lol!)   is planning to compete 4 as a full team.  *A gym needs a min. of 3 girls to place as a Team and if they want to place well all of them are going to have to score high.  

Boo tumbling layouts into the foam pit off the long tramp.

One of the biggest changes was the split divided Boo from two of her best ninja buddies (a third moved with her).  As a homeschooler she hasn't had something like this happen before.  Right now they still share gym time and coaches but by Fall that might all change.  

What hasn't changed? These typical view of the gym as seen from the parent bench (w/out aid of a flash for safety).  That little blur is Boo tumbling layouts into the foam pit, one of her beloved coach intently watching.

The schedule remains at 4 days for 4 hours (we try to homeschool in the mornings and gym in the afternoons) plus an extra 2-3 hr routine practice here or there to get them ready to compete the old 6 routines in three weeks.  Yep, three weeks to learn routines well enough to score out.  Boo's a bit nervous about that part but the coaches assure us: first, on floor Boo could score what she needs with her tumbling pass alone, all dance omitted (I think that is a bit of an exaggeration to make us feel better but it works!) and second, after 3 years of watching the older girls do the routines in the gym and at meets they actually know them better than they think they do.  Plus it appears that Boo's bars and vault are pretty sweet right now, not to mention how fantastic she looks on beam!!! 

And then there were 4

The smaller class size means more work and the move to optionals means the sky is the limit skill wise.  For the first time in a long time Boo can home from gym worn out and was sore the next day.  They rotate through stations so fast when there is only 4 of them!

And for now that is life in the gym.

Looking forward to some down time at the GTC Team Barbecue next week :)

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