Sunday, February 1, 2015

results from the Rocky Mt. Invitational 2015

Another meet down! 
This one we were the host gym. Not going to lie that is a ton of work! We have a few fantastic coaches and families who work really hard to support our gym and our girls!!! Not everyone seems to understand how much work it takes to host a meet. I did however have a mom from our gym that I don't know well buy me a coffee and tell me how much she appreciates the hard work and effort we were putting in. How sweet is that?!!? 

Even shorthanded on muscle we more than just made it through, things went fantastic. GTC always runs a good meet.

We set up late Thursday night in Lehi about 24 miles south of SLC. The girls shuttled Friday's practice from our gym to the meet site so they could get a practice in at the venue. Immediately followed by the first session of competition. 

Saturday morning I came in around 6:30 am to help with the early session of competing compulsory teams. I love getting to listen to the judges judge, you learn so much! Most importantly you are reminded that most of them are super sweet people who want your kid to do well, maybe even more than you do. 

Because I had to be in Lehi so early Saturday morning Beach caught a ride down a bit later with Sophie's dad. Thanks Jeff-Dad! 

Vault 9.050

Beach's team of Level 6's and Level 7's competed together in the second session of the day. That was their first meet with New Coach Steve running with them. He's defiantly a keeper. 

Last but not least our Level 8's competed the final session. Followed by deconstruction of the meet and loading of all the equipment back into the giant truck.  

As for the gymnastics part of it Beach and her whole team rocked! In fact all our levels/teams did well. Strong work GTC and as always (like I said before) a beautifully run meet.  

 Bars 9.4 (1st)
(sorry they are sideways! Blogger won't flip 'em) 

Beach's personal victory was on bars where she earned permission for her "A" routine and not only competed it but nailed it! Way to go BOO <3 The rest was just nice like a 9.550 Floor (2nd) and 9.35 (3rd) on Beam, a first place in the All Around (37.350), and the Team took FIRST! Link to FLOOR Link to BEAM

....hate to say this but on to Colorado, where the girls compete next weekend! 

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