Wednesday, February 11, 2015

travel meet traveling and Arches Utah (part 1)

 Friday we threw our bags in the big red van and drove down to Moab where Beach's papa in living and working building a house for a client/friends. 
The prep for this travel meet didn't seem quite so complex. You always have to pack your gym bag: grips, heel cup, competition leo, panties, bra, and team warm-ups.
 Yes, little Beachy-Boo is in a bra, well sort of. Its not really doing anything other than I decided when the team was being issued undergarments that rather than opt out of the bra this year perhaps now was a fine time to start getting used to it. And if/when the time comes that she needs it she already has access to one. The funny thing about it was at the last meet Boo stepped out of a bathroom stall in the busy bathroom at the venue just wearing the panties and bra to ask her teammate, "Sophie, is this thing on backwards." One of the judges happened to be in the room too- she was dying laughing! 
Anyway, other than a gym bag we packed what is now our standard: one travel outfit with layers and a light jacket (we are having a very mild winter here in the west), a team dinner outfit, night clothing, swimsuit, bathroom/meet hair items, and a second travel outfit.
We made great time to Moab. Spent the afternoon hiking around in Arches, swam at the local pool, and stayed the night. I have to say Arches was magnificent!  The weather was fantastic and it was off season so we mostly have the place to ourselves.

The next day with Boo's papa on-board we did the long part of the drive into Colorado Springs, gorgeous but long! We just barely arrived in town to make the team dinner. Then it was on to the hotel....cont at the post results and more from Colorado Springs (part 2).

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