Tuesday, December 10, 2013

writing in the grey areas

Big coach D assigned gym homework.  Each girl was to write and bring him their goals.  Boo set 5 goals one for each event and one for warm-ups.  
Her printing is a mismatch of upper and lowercase letters, over sized and spaced funny, it is how she sees it best.  Always capital N's as not to confuse them with lowercase H's.  Capital L's and no letter ever dips it tail below the line as they should.  I show her where the top and the bottom of the lines are and she tells me she knows then she ignores them in all 4 of her drafts.
If you pretended to write like a small child it would look just like her work. Perfect in its imperfection.  >sigh<  I could have written it up for her or had her type it or insist she write it all "correctly" but instead I am going to trust that her coaches and teammates know her well enough to see how beautiful her page of gymnastics goals are.  And if you were wondering that seemingly random pile of money is the money she won off me playing Black Jack.  She won 12 straight games in a row.
She is a kid with many talents and luck seems to be one of them ;)

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