Friday, December 6, 2013

lots and more in gym land

Boo was gifted a photo shot from JB the photographer I work with at the paper. He came up and donated over an hour of his time and skill to capture Boo in action.  

Following the photo shoot it was the last practice before the first official meet, our Soft Landing Meet.  It is one step beyond an inter squad.  We travel to another gym, compete against other team, and there will be scores but no awards.

As for the 'nastics part of the day.... 

Boo had the perfect plan to avoid the high bar handstand fly away pike dismount, cast straight body rather than straddle making it "impossible" to pull off.  You can see in these clips her straight body cast is getting pretty dang close to a handstand... and right before practice ended it happened- straight body handstand on the high bar. I thought I might die laughing at her as she cautiously looked around for a coach hoping no one saw what she had done! 

AND to see Boo on beam clink here (dang blogger will not load her longer routines!).

Wish her good luck tomorrow in her soft landing meet! 


  1. Good luck tomorrow Boo - from your cheering squad in Switzerland.
    We will live vicariously through you for now, as we have 3 months until competition starts.