Monday, December 2, 2013

holiday yarn star ornaments

Here is our little Holiday Art Project for the week: Yarn Stars!
Simple cute project all you need is card-stock paper, small pieces of masking tape, a star stencil (we used a cookie cutter), yarn, scissors, and a hole punch. 

Stencil and cut out your stars. Carefully punch a hole near the top of one star point to have a hole for hanging. Using a small piece of tape secure the end of the yarn to a place on the star that will be easily covered by your yarn work. Boo loved finding new ways and patterns to wrap. I let her do anything she wanted and they all turned out cute.

 After wrapping them, as much or as little as you like, secure the end thread by tying a knot.  Add an unfolded paperclip or a piece of ribbon as hanger/hook.

They make nice handmade tree ornaments or great gift toppers.  
They are even nice as little gifts for friends and neighbors.

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  1. Love those, might have to make some when we get our tree up! xx