Tuesday, December 3, 2013

a home school snow day

 A funny little side effect of home school is snow changes the plans in big reasonable ways.  After all there is shoveling to do, neighbors' walks to help clear, hot chocolate to make, snowmen to plan, stomping & romping, and lots of looking around to do.

For Boo she couldn't quite wrap her head around that it is not a holiday for her schooled friends.  Can So-&-So play? No, she has school.  Can So-&-So play? No, she has school...

I think I agree with Boo 
How could a day like today not be a holiday?!?!

Photo bombed by the dog joining Boo in some snow snacking.  
I would like to remind the two of you we have chickens, choose your snow wisely!

 Waking up to piles of Utah snow, it doesn't get much better than this!


  1. We have crazy snow here in Montana as well, except its like -13 outside. No outside play for us!

  2. It is still coming down in Utah but I wouldn't call it cold 26'. However, Sat and Sunday look like they are going to be VERY cold!
    Stay safe & warm up there in Montana!

  3. Minus 11 here, but no fresh snow (we still have lots left from the weekend though).

    Do you guys ski?
    Would love to hear more about that.
    My youngest had her class 'rearranged' so they could go sledding after the first big snowfall - no one expects kids to sit in a classroom when there is fresh snow to be had!

    1. We do ski!! Mostly in a free after 3 program at Alta Ski Resort. Last year gym interfered with most of our chances to go. We are hoping for a better yea. Right now I am working on getting a bright orange vest for Boo to wear over her ski coat that says "Visually Impaired Skier". She is so fast I can't keep up with her and I think it is only right to warn people what is coming. I promise to post ski days when we get them.
      And I have to tell you how much I adore the school system you are in, so jealous!!!

  4. Oooh, so jealous - it's just damp, grey and very British here!! Love the snowy dogs pictures :-)