Saturday, December 7, 2013

soft landing meet 2013

Boo competed the last of the preseason events today way, way out in South Jordan.  35 mph on the freeway is a good drive through a passing Utah snowstorm. 

Turns out there was a little issue with the schedule for the level 6's.  They weren't expected to compete until the later session (4 hours later) but under the white out conditions the gym let our girls attend the early session with all the 7-10's.  Good thing they are used to it.  

There are still some wrinkles to iron out and wobbles before their first season meet but overall the whole team looks awesome. The scoring in Optionals is rough! No awards today but they did post scores which according to the parent bench put Boo second in the All Around. Vault is the bugger for her right now. Subject to change at anytime. But Boo is going to have to let that right knee heal, it is really bothering her in tumbling and it isn't helping her vault any either. 

Sadly there was a serious injury today on bars and a young gymnast from another team was removed via the local fire department medics. We are sending well wishes to her and her family.   
My favorite part of the whole meet was catching glimpses of Boo cuddling the Fantastic Mr. Fox doll who happened to be in her meet backpack along with her tape and heel cups. >such a sweet kid<


And I have tried and tried to get a good unobstructed clip of Boo's full floor routine but something or someone always gets in the way. I'm not joking ALWAYS. Today is no different but I am posting it anyway because I give up. To see the pole that ate Boo's floor routine click here.

I think Boo's favorite part was after the meet facing a long drive home and no snacks left over in her bag I pulled over at a Dunkin' Donuts.  I only had $2 dollars with me so she had to order carefully.  The sweet kid working the counter was watching her in line as she picked and worried and tallied the total of what she wanted.  She settled on a small order of hashbrowns and 4 doughnut holes.  After she paid he added a couple extra of the doughnut holes and upgraded the size of her hashbrowns with a big smile and no charge. How awesome was that?! 

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