Monday, December 9, 2013

alright back to work!

This is me once again a little behind having missed my cue. Our homeschool schedule has been slowly drifting and I have been over here pretending it hasn't. Pretending each day that we are 'off course' will be the last one and tomorrow we will get' back on track'. 

A lot has changed since we set out how we wish our days to feel.  The 4 biggest are: the winter weather has joined us in a BIG way, the gym workout schedule changed in a huge way, competition season started, and Christmas is everywhere.  I can't forget about the introduction of riding into her life either! 

With the colder weather our natural science Mondays have faded into little snow walks and thoughts of skiing & sledding with friends.  Boo's heart has turned back towards wanting time in the community pool, sewing, and baking.

I don't know why I am always the last to see the natural curve learning takes.  Why I am the least flexible one here but I see it is past time to readjust and make true winter plans.

One of the biggest factor of schooling in the winter months is that working at the kitchen table is not nearly as nice as working under the covers of your mom & papa's down-quilt in the middle of their bed!  This is not a small thing.  If I was to try to ignore the pull towards warmer cozier spots I grantee no work would get done!  

...So that is where we will be and what we will be doing when school starts today sitting down in my bed with all her books and workout a plan together to get us through the next 3-4 cozy winter months.

There is so much we want to do.  We have a pile of good books to read.  A ton of great educational games to play.  BrainQuest questions, art projects, science, math, and a nice fat writing book to work through.


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