Monday, December 9, 2013

a Monday

The school schedule was pretty easy to iron out nothing too fancy.  We swapped out a few old topics for new ones, spread around the workload a little differently, and started to work.  

First order of business on a fine cold winter Monday morning is Big Kid Story Time. It has been an unofficial part of school for awhile now.  Boo and I love NPR and Monday morning is a perfect time for me to share with her via the magic of free pod casts great stories from some of the fine weekend programming: This American Life, The Moth, WireTap, Selected Shorts, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, and A Prairie Home Companion, just to name the favorites!  

Since these programs are not particularly geared towards children it is nice to be able to share with her selections I have already had a chance to listen to.  Often she has heard bits and pieces of them on in the house at some point over the weekend and she will ask to hear something she was interested in. 

This morning's story was from This American Life episode 317: Unconditional Love (the 3rd story contains 'real' language, nothing we haven't heard but...). After that I made Boo her mid-morning snack of triple egg crepes (Boo doesn't get enough protein so I engineered a crepe recipe to get as much protein in as I could without ruining the taste! I use 3 eggs, 1 TBSP powdered milk, 3/4 cup Rice Dream, 3/4 cup mixed white & whole flour) while she read to me by the woodstove.

Following snacking we moved on to Geography lessons to learn about maps, globes, and time lines. Yep, all in the comfort of mom & papa's bed. 

She plowed happily right through her math.
Accepted the work in her phonics workbook with a half smile.  Although directly after finishing she slipped off the far side of the bed and crawled out of my bedroom on her hands and knees to avoid detection. I haven't heard a peep out of her since!

I'm not too worried, pretty soon here she will show back up hungry and wanting lunch.  Then we can get our afternoon reading done over steamy bowls of tomato soup.

Not bad for a Monday :) 

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