Tuesday, December 3, 2013

the school day pile up

 Talk about settling down to work. 

1) BrainQuest Questions Grade 3, fun for a warm-up and review of last years school work.  I wasn't super happy about the Terrorist question, sad kids would need to know that.  But I always love to hear Boo's funny home schooled answers to things like (Q) Which animal doesn't belong in a zoo? Zebra, chicken, elephant.  (A) a chicken belongs on a farm.  Boo's answer: an Elephant, they are too smart to be kept in zoo's.  And her answer to the leak in the kitchen sink question: you call Dad!

 2) Math.  Sometimes knowing how to look up the answer is better than simply knowing the answer.

 3) Design a lab sheet to record data for the response times experiment. Boo is going to ask Big coach D if she can use her teammates to gather some stats real fast since she doesn't have classmates.   

 4) Writing using writing prompts.

5) Mission Antarctica game. Good trivia questions a bit complex to learn but once we played a round we got the hang of it.  We have the space version of this game too.  We picked them both up secondhand, new in original wrappings for pennies on the dollar.   

Now time for 6, 7, & 8!
 6) Reading Doctor Dolittle & a slow hot lunch.

7) Back out to play in the falling snow.
And last but not least, 8) GYM.

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