Monday, December 2, 2013

the trouble with eyes

It isn't very often that school work ends in tears.  Around these parts school is fun and if it isn't fun then we are doing it wrong. There is always a way to make learning fun.  That's not to say Boo never needs encouragement or coaxing, i.e. the I Hate fonix (phonics) poem was pretty funny.  Fractions once sent her over the edge and I nearly lost it when I had to derive an equation for her to make her believe me.  Today was a different sort of frustration about eye anatomy.  Right off the bat the opening line is "In most people sight is their primary sense." 
"Not me." She grumbled. 
Boo defiantly has a love hate relationship with poor vision.  Love I say? Yes, it really is part of who she is and as much as any of us would want to fix it for her, we would not want to miss out on any parts of her that are her because of what & how she sees the world, literally and metaphorically. 

The first few experiments we found she couldn't do because of her vision and that made her grumpy. 
Mistake #1: I should have known better than to try the ones involving patching but that was all I had left! The 2 part experiment we tried involved patching 1 eye for 20 minutes then doing a series of observations regarding light perception. 
Mistake #2: Letting her patch her good eye which brought school shockingly to a grinding halt. I know I write about it all the time but honestly when I am reminded how bad her vision truly is it makes me sick.  I can only imagine how she feels.  
Mistake #3: Before patching her good eye we didn't bother to find her glasses.
Mistake#4: Periodic glasses searching followed by attempts to do spelling. That is how you make a bad situation worse! Then this happened- turns out Boo's bugger of an older brother told Boo she was spelling 'horse' wrong getting her to change it to 'hore'. The only reason I found out was today we switched our spelling list for holiday theme words. Each year the gym hands out a questionnaire for secret Santa.  It includes questions like "what is your favorite flavor?"  "Favorite color?" "Favorite animal?".  I wanted Boo to feel confident about her spelling on the sheet when it comes out.  When I told her she had misspelled horse she burst out crying. 

The experiment worked, she refused to draw and label an eye, and the school day and Boo fell apart.  We took a small break met back in the kitchen for an important math lesson: How to Double a Batch of Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownies.  All's well that ends with chocolate. 

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