Sunday, November 16, 2014

the animal life

We are still here. Living and learning without boarders. Right now it seems animals have taken center stage.  

Boo's new bird has charmed the entire family. Latte winning the title of the calmest pony, letting her young rider monkey around in the saddle.

And then there have been the discoveries of a mummified cat on the property and a dying beaver on the river trail.

  An encounter with an amazing cat at a horse show.

I'd say we have zoology well covered.


  1. Congrats to Boo on all her latest achievements! Her bird is cute and Boo sure looks happy on that horse.

    I have a friend that is moving to SLC in January and her 8 year old daughter is into gymnastics- not at Boo's level, but she still loves it. Are there gyms that you would recommend they check out or avoid?

    1. How exciting!!! For any level of gymnastics I would first recommend our gym. We are so happy at GTC, Gymnastics Training Center. After us Black Diamond South Jordan. Both of these gyms have well trained, positive coaches (ours are the best!), solid programs, run in supportive environments. I feel there are a lot to stay away from but Epic gymnastics is the top of that list. All I think I need to say is that I feel youth sports should be fun and safe.