Tuesday, January 14, 2014


 We started a Unit Study on Community this week.  I have to admit until I started writing for a community newspaper I hadn't thought much about the value in studying communities.  Now I see things very differently.
 We started our studies with reading some basic material on communities.  From there we began discussing community variations, major components, and issues of our own community in West Salt Lake City.  
 Perfectly timed, our city released via Open City Hall the final draft of the West Salt Lake Community Master Plan.  We took a good hour going through it.  Some of it was over Boo's head but it was good to see her putting the pieces together. 
This week is a crazy week for us.  Boo spent extra hours at gym last night helping with a coaches' training clinic, she has an early practice today before her regular practice, mom/teacher/me picked up 2 great stories for the paper the drafts due in 7 days(!), and the two of us leave for her first out of state meet Friday morning.  So much to do and very little of it is getting done.

What we did manage to do was go on a field trip to the Community Food Co-op Market.  Boo is trying her hand at photo journalism :)  She has plans to visit 5 key community spots and take photos.  Here are her's from the market.  Including her *exclusive* access to the giant fridge.  "I feel like Mr. Rogers." The nice Co-op guy told me smiling as he guided her around. 

 Alphabetical filing of produce in the giant walk in refrigerator.

 Boxing materials
 "Mr Rogers" at check out.

Now we are off to the next thing on our list, hmmmm let's see, yep, GYM.

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  1. Living in Germany after suburbia and medium sized town have shaped my idea of community. From what I've seen, there is no comparison to the little German community we live in. The small town contains around 1000 houses. There is a small store where bread, meat, and vegetables can be purchased. There is one restaurant, a gym where community events are held and a pre-school. Around 20 festivals are held throughout the year which are attended by the community. They are very simple. For example, at Christmas time they light the tree, sell pretzels and a traditional drink. The community band plays and then everyone stands around and talks. It's very different than my prior experiences with community.