Friday, January 31, 2014

how to make a gym meet

Just like constructing a 4-Ring Circus.  

The owners, the parents, siblings, coaches, and even some of the gymnasts unload a semi truck and a trailer packed full of equipment and in a matter of a few hours build a entire gymnastics gymnasium from the ground up complete with an awards stage with balloon arch. 

The gym rats came straight from practice but they jumped right in.  
Of course there was some wrestling and gymnastics breaks taken.
Even a little late night pizza to be had.

Boo playing and loving Gabby's big sister Karlyn.

 Whole families worked together to get done what needed doing. 
  Proving Team is actually a verb.

There was tons of work but also tons of fun.  And amazing moments you wouldn't want to miss.  With as much time as I'm planning on putting in for this meet I have to admit I thought hard about leaving the comfort of our gym and the easy time I would have had watching practice but honestly in the end I didn't want to miss the time I would get to spend with the people who I knew would be down there at the community college setting up.

The girls coming from practice had some wild stories to tell about the capture of the little confused bat who has been stuck in the gym for 2 days.  I considered it some free zen master training.  If you can survive a bat swooping at you while you do your routines you can focus anywhere! Much to the bat's relief it was captured and set free outside by Sophie's dad (of course).

 There was this little story too: 
Gabby & Lizzy approached me to tell me how hard it was for them to watch little Boo sobbing with fear at practice over her round-off dismount on beam. When I asked them if she 'got it' they said she did & would be competing it (*not a verified fact). 
Izzy: "If I cry over something I don't compete it." 
Gabby: "If I didn't compete something I didn't cry about I wouldn't have anything to compete." 

 At one point the owner (also a gym parent of 3 gymnasts!) asked Boo if the head table looked centered to the floor.  Boo paused for a second then laughed, "Why would you ask ME that?!?" 

I love how comfortable Boo is with who she is. I love how the diversity of our gym families helps to create an environment for our girls that fosters individuality while reinforcing the value of teamwork and  good sportsmanship.    
Plus we have Trophy Dads at our gym :)

Sneak peek of the super amazing awards stage under construction, that Lindsey, she can do anything!!! 

Do you see Boo laying in the middle of the floor?

 In the end exhaustion set in and it was time to go home... 
until we meet again.


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