Wednesday, January 22, 2014

aviary field trip

Rumor was it was 16 degrees out when I offered the 9 am field trip to the aviary.  Boo and I managed to slammed out math and reading before piling on some winter layers and heading out.
 We met Little Boo Walker, who we are supposed to be tending a couple of hours on Wednesday mornings for her mother while she is in school, and her dad- apparently we are tending him too. It's okay he is one of my best friends and a great guy to have on hand.  Plus my Boo adores him.

 After walking around enjoying the birds and brisk winter air we went in doors for Book & Bird.

 Once the bird, a young stork, was let out to walk around Little Boo crawled back into her dad's lap just in case.
After that it was time for the real warm up with hot chocolate and a few sugary pasties at Branbury Cross, one of the best donut shop in Salt Lake.
From there we ran a few errands on the way home.  One of which was getting Boo's back-up pair of glasses into the optimist for a current set of RX lens so she has a non-broken pair for her next meet. "Should be in one the first."  Sure hope so because she competes on the 1st at 11:30 am. 
As we pulled in at home Sarah, Sophie's mom puled in behind us.  I had completely forgot she was driving the ninjas gym! There was time for a bite to eat and to pack a gym bag and Boo was shuttled off leaving me the rest of the afternoon to myself.  Sort wish everyday was Wednesday.  

*Don't be too jealous I promised to help with meet preparations (our gym is hosting the next meet) I have to be up to the gym in enough time to get a few hundred medals put together and sorted. 

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