Wednesday, January 15, 2014

counting down

Well, there it is the GTC Optionals competition leotard. She has wanted this for a long time. Our team's fill-in order wasn't quite ready for our first meet so the company sent the black leo she competed in for her first season meet to hold them over.  

A few gym worthy notes from this weeks training:

Boo is no longer the shortest optional gymnast.  A gymnast from another gym has joined the team, it isn't permanent yet (moving gyms is a very big decision to make for both the gym and the gymnast & family) but we hope she stays and not just because she is shorter than Boo she seems like a great kid and she is a wonderful gymnast!

I signed Boo up for a vaulting private (3rd private of her little career) to see if she could get her love for vault to come back.  After years of repeating the same handspring vault Boo is over it (bad pun).  Her beloved coach came in an hour early running Boo through about a dozen right off the bat beautiful vaults (vaulting quality not seen in months!) and the rest of the hour they spent on the floor with other early bird teammates talking in a little circle. 

It always amazes me how well her coach knows what she needs and what she doesn't.  Boo didn't need to pound her knees for an hour before practice she just needed a little *mental check-in time*...thanks Wendy!

[I think we are almost ready for Las Vegas.]   


  1. it's good to hear that you've only done 3 privates. I've been thinking about them quite a bit lately. At a dollar a minute, they are not something we can afford. However, everyone else is doing them! Some girls on a weekly basis! I feel like I'm letting my daughter down because she is behind the others...

    1. Megan,
      Honestly the best Boo has ever done was after time out of the gym not more time in it. And yes the price is crazy!!! We can't afford them either but from what I have seen the kids who always do privates burn out and their scores seem to drop not improve. All 3 of her private lessons were less than 25 min long and each had a mental/emotional issue as the driving factor.
      I know the pressure to keep up but remember each of them is fighting their own battle and each win their own war in their own way.
      Good Luck!