Saturday, January 4, 2014

results from the Hot and Ready meet 2014

Yep. The Hot and Ready Meet (oh-my, obviously no oversight committee on the naming of these things) went off without pretty well considering our little team was in competition undergarments for the first time. There was quite a bit of readjusting, aka wedgie picking, going on over on the sidelines. And of course handing out underwear at gym to 10 year olds is bound to get giggles. We have loads of fun the last few days passing around a pin on Pinterest of gym panties!

The meet was 40 minutes south of SLC. I handed Boo off to her coach who offered to drive her down with some others. I was a little sad going without her but also tendentiously relieved to know she was in great hands.

We aren't used to competing with such a small team, 5 girls is tiny! It also makes taking home a team trophy harder but Little Giants rocked placing 3rd overall against some really good gyms. Not bad ladies :) 
Super proud of all of them.  

As for Boo she had a great meet.  No major crashes or falls, scores higher than her intersquad scores, except bars. Boo watched a girl go over multiple times on her cast to handstand (very sad, lots of crying).  Boo was afraid to have the same thing happen to her.  She said she had never considered that could happen and would not have known what to do, much like that other girl obviously didn't know either.  In her routine Boo cast a very conservative handstand, big enough to count with a 10 point start value but she got dinged for the angle. So much of gymnastics is in your head. 
I know this isn't the best pic but look at that smile!!!
In the end Boo declared, "This was the best meet ever!" AA 36.175 which earned her 5th place in the most competitive age category. I would agree.  It was loads of fun. Lots of old friends out int he stands too.  Overall a great night.  Good luck to higher level teammates competing today. 
Don't break anything. 

Boo on Beam CLICK HERE
And CLICK HERE for floor

Have to love Boo's papa teasing me about handing him my purse, lol

Welcome to Optionals! 
Way to go Boo <3   


  1. Well done Boo - fifth in your age category at optionals is AWESOME!

    I also found it interesting that hers is one of the most competitive age categories. It is great that so many girls carry on with gymnastics.

    Here the most competitive ages are the little kids (5-7 and 8-9) and after that it really starts to drop, with sometimes as few as 20 kids in the older categories, whereas the younger levels routinely have over 100.

    Looks like she is all set for a fabulous season.

    1. Fiona-
      How are they groups organized there? We have Level's 1-10, 6 and up are optional levels. The awards are broken down by age groups within those levels which often change meet by meet depending on numbers of girls. Boo competed something called 6b yesterday which meant young 10 yr olds, 9, and 8 yr olds were one group and older 10 were with the 11 yr olds, then there was a 12 and up group.