Friday, January 24, 2014


A new trend has popped up.  Math work keeps getting started earlier & earlier, long before the school day is scheduled to start. Part it maybe because we keep leaving the text book sitting out on the kitchen table with papers and a couple of pencils tucked inside.  It seems to draw us in "Hey, here is something we can do, let's get our math done real fast..."

 I don't mind that math has taken on its own time frame, in fact I like how it has become simply another daily activity we might like to do, like playing a game or reading a book.  But when I look up and see a calculator in with the waffles I think we might need to set some boundaries. 

I am so glad she is loving math <3  This also means the approach of her and I doing her math together as co-students is working better than expected.


  1. We are very much co-students in math here as well :)
    Isn't it awesome when they get into it like that?!

  2. Maple syrup with that calculator lol??