Sunday, January 19, 2014

a smile

She asked for a box of tissues, a ginger ale, crackers, and grapes.
Then she made Gambles, her new horse (thanks Lindsey and Gabby) a full outfit of Kleenex and when she needed a tissue she took off a piece of his clothing.  Apparently. you can take the horse out of Vegas but can't take the Vegas out of the horse.
"You are still dehydrated"
"How can you tell, mom?"
"Your Harry Potter gives you away. Your scar only shows up when you haven't had enough to drink"
"Can you see it now?"
"Yes, I can still see it."
And last but not least what we have waited all day to see, a smile.


  1. I am so glad she is feeling better!

    We got a mini scare last night. Emma had a fever of 103.7 and all I could envision was what poor Boo went through. Thankfully it was just the fever and being uncomfortable.

    Hopefully by tomorrow they will both be all better!

    1. I hope Emma is fully recovered. Boo is bouncing back. What a relief.