Tuesday, January 28, 2014

of books and movies

We just finished reading The Black Stallion and >surprise< it was nothing like the movie (released way back in 1979) of the same title other than there was a horse and boy and shipwreck.  

When we started the book I assumed, even looked forward to, watching the movie version with Boo when we were done, as do with so many books turned film.  Not happening this time! The movie plot is far off the simple grace of the book I wouldn't ruin it for her. It is sort of a funny twist, a movie from my childhood sent me to try to turn up an old DVD but all I found was the book.  I figured that would be good enough to hold us until we found the movie (ha!). Only to discover how wonderful the book really was and how unnecessarily the movie was overly dramatized (can't have a good kids movie without killing a parent off for no reason).  We loved The Black Stallion. Highly recommend it <3!  

Sure, there have been plenty of books turned movies that we have loved Holes (2003) and even the mixed stories that created the 2010 film Roman and Beezus, instantly pops into my mind. 

And in the reverse we watched the first 2 Harry Potter movies before we took to reading the whole series for ourselves.  Which brings me to our reading now book The Sea of Monsters the 2nd in the Percy Jackson & The Olympians book series.  I never planned on reading this series until I saw the way Boo reacted to the The Lightening Thief.  And as luck would have it we picked up a copy yesterday second hand, perfect timing!   


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