Wednesday, January 1, 2014

this feels right, New Year's Eve

At 7:30 am Dec 31 Gabby, one of our favorite gym rats was dropped off at our doorstep for hot chocolate and a ride to gym. The holiday gym schedule has given working parents a bit of a challenge getting little giants taxied around at the right times so we are all pulling together to make it happen.  

It has also created some pretty funny views from the parking lot.  Parents trying to get to work & drop off in one errand (Boo's Papa included) drop their kids off to the 2 or 3 cars willing to wait around. Those cars end up crammed with wiggly gymnastics waiting in the morning frost for the gym to open. Even yesterday when I dropped off Boo and Gabby right behind me was another car unloading a trio of girls. 

Photo by D. Jones

 From gym we rushed across town enjoying PB & J's in the car to a trampoline park to bounce out the last of 2013 with our good friends the Walkers. One of many wonderful things about this family is they share their youngest child Little Boo (honestly her real nickname before we even knew her family) with us for when we need a little sister. 

 And starting in mid January she will be a regular on the farm.  Her mom is in school so we get to keep her a few hours a week.

  Which is what we did after our hour of bouncing.  Big Boo and Little Boo continued the party back on the farm by stealing edges of shortbread cookie dough, drinking hot chocolate, eating popcorn, and dipping their sticky fingers straight into the sugar bowl. 

Then we decided to scare away the bad spirits of the old year with fireworks. 

Somewhere in the middle of all that long before the Walkers ambled over to claim their child and drop us off the rest of the Harry Potter Movies we needed to complete our Harry Potter Marathon (and share a glass of New Year's wine) my Boo said, “This is how it should be....the flour all over the counter, making cookies, eating dough, drinking hot chocolate, playing with our friends, and a warm house on a dark cold night.” 

We closed the year with a homemade Chinese Dinner, the 4th Harry Potter Movie, the 3 of us cuddled on the sofa, and late in the night a few more fireworks just to make sure. Yes, exactly how it should be.     

Good-Bye 2013.  Hello 2014! 

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