Wednesday, January 22, 2014

using what we have

I am often asked if we use homeschooling groups or co-ops.  The answer is no.  Boo doesn't like large groups.  She finds crowds too unpredictable.  We have tried out one or two and we met wonderful people doing so but for her the fit wasn't right.  

What I have come to realize is she has a group: her gymnastics team.  

So when her math book called for her to survey her class for data on how many members were in each household (Boo added number of pets) for an exercise on averages and graphing, we turned to her team.

Boo loaded up her little yellow clip board and at break she got 13 of her teammates to give her their household numbers.

Boo isn't the only one who uses the team for school projects.  One of her teammates is currently running a 2 week trial on sports drinks vs. water for hydration during practice.

All and all it is a great little group.  We love our gym :)


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