Thursday, January 16, 2014

killed with cuteness

Notoriously slow at picking up dance moves this is level 3 & 4 Boo learning a floor routine and yes that little ninja beside her is Sophie.  They had just finished Spring Season as 3's and spent that summer getting ready to compete level 4 for Fall.
I found these photos this morning and had to share them.

If I remember correctly she spent the whole practice session watching not doing and went on that season to rule the floor at most every meet :) 

 The ninjas with coach Wendy after taking State Level 3 that spring.
And posing with the GYM Dads

 And 4 short months between the end of competing 3 and beginning of competing level 4 there is Boo taking the All Around at State. 
Boo then and Boo now.

 Wish her luck in Vegas, rumor has it she is competing that Level 7 walkover flick on high beam.  Because the other thing Boo is notorious for is taking huge leaps of faith.


  1. Go Boo.
    As always your Swiss fan club will be cheering for you (not to mention slightly in awe too).
    You are our inspiration.

  2. Love the then and now photos! It's crazy how fast they grow up.

    We wish you the best of luck Boo!