Monday, January 6, 2014

a day to love

It began as a joke.  We should walk to school, ha-ha-ha.  Turned out to be a great idea. So what if it was a giant loop that started at our front door heading down to the river to the foot bridge and right back around to our front door.
*But please don't lick that bar, you will really regret it.
After we got home we started our school work with reading (her to me and them me to her) and more rainbow loom bracelets in the big cozy bed. I have to say how pleased I am with her reading.  The progress is slow but she IS reading (and enjoying it!!!) that is all that matters.
After reading we moved on to math in our new to us 5th grade text book. Huge hit! So far she is loving this book.  Most of all I think she loves that I have decided to do it with her as if I was another student in the class :) So we can 'learn' it together.  We even both sat down and folded our papers into squares and numbered our problems together- super old school style!    
 Today science followed math. 
Make another water lens for cell science? Sure, why not. Plastic container with a square cut out of it, plastic wrap secured  over the top with a rubber-band, and add a thin layer of water over the top. Works like a charm.

 Of course we can use a potato to see osmosis! 
(results tomorrow, it is a 2-day project)

 After a slow hot lunch we finished off our school day with a little reading about 'what makes a community?' and writing via the Whack Pack. Exaggerate?! What a great idea for a story.

And of course bounce off to gym! Which as it turns out is a funny story. This very dedicated gym mom somehow got turned around and thought gym started a half hour later than it really does so I dropped my gymnast off 15 minutes late to the post meet talk, how embarrassing!!! When I explained what happened to her coach she laughed, "Misty, gym hasn't started at 4 for over a year now!" 
I have no idea what happened...we were having such a great day too!


  1. That's such a great idea, i love that you are doing math together! i think Hannah would like that too :-)

    1. Thank you. This is the first time we have used a text book instead of a workbook. When I reviewed the book I realized how important it is for me to know the methods taught in the text. I figured the best way to that was to do it with her. It really helps keep her engaged.