Saturday, January 4, 2014

little giants on Little Mountain

After the rush, the fears, the triumphs, the scores, and the sores it was time to let the Little Giants run free in the Utah snow... 
To let them run wild through the Wasatch mountains. 
To touch the cold blue winter sky at the top of the world.
  To do it over and over again.
 Unit they couldn't feel their fingers and toes.
Until their cheeks turned pinked.
 Then do it again. 
Until they couldn't catch their breath from laughing.
Until their hair was full of snow.
And still do it again.
When it was finally enough we piled them into the car and headed towards the promise of mugs of hot chocolate and a warm house.
I really prefer them this way, 
running free in their natural habitat. 

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  1. Love, love LOVE!!! That looks like so much fun!!