Friday, January 10, 2014

we are here... (really?!?)

I was in a rush so I had to cut the conversation with Sarah short, the conversation we were already about a week late in having.  I was rushing for both of us.  She should have been somewhere on the morning school commute for Sophie and I was rushed trying to get 2 skiers out the door (neither of them Boo because she has gym).  At the same time I needed to know what time I was picking Sophie up from school for gym so I could plan the day around it. Ah-yes, gym the main topic of that conversation.  “How are we already here?” is the opening line to a mountain made of a thousand questions and emotions.  

Where do you start?

At the bottom I suppose. A few hours a couple days a week and a tuition payment.  I remember watching the optional team girls and their parents, I never thought one day that will us. Honestly, I never saw beyond level 4 where Team officially started. Everything past that point has left me a little befuddled. 

Somewhere way up here we have moved into 20 hrs at the gym, those last 4 no longer optional but mandatory.  Meet fees, tuition, grips (fingers crossed Boo is still a grip-less wonder!), tape, leo’s, warm-ups, Proshop money…. The level 6 parents on the bench are just beginning to shuffle schedules and raise old questions: What do you give up? What do you sacrifice, gymnastics advancements or everything else? Where does it end?

Last week while I was putting together our school work I realized Boo’s summer schedule will most likely be 9-1 Mon-Fri, possibly even Mon-Sat.  That blows away traditional home schooling through the summer. So I have adapted our work load to get a foothold into 5th grade course work before we end for summer and I started collecting 5-6th grade games, projects, field-trips, and reading for the summer months verses book work.

I know Sophie’s parents who already have her on an early release 2 days a week have scheduled a meeting with her school to look into more early release days.  These are our babies, they are 10 and 11 yrs old.  I’m baffled that something has so taken over their young lives.  But as we pushed Boo for a day she was willing to miss at gym to go ski she wouldn’t consent to missing any of them!!! 

Boo's level 7 beam series: 
back walkover flick on high beam

Everyday she goes to gym ready, leaves slowly, she loves her mates, adores her coaches, yes, even Big D.  She does her beam routine through the kitchen, and her floor routine across any surface open to her. This is her path, straight up that rocky mountain.     

I think I now know how we came to be here like this.  
We followed them.

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