Tuesday, March 20, 2012

an uncommon museum visit

 We met Alexis (Boo's older sister) and Alex (her Paramour)
at the museum at 2 o'clock sharp.
 It was the Alex-es first visit to the new museum.
Bones came too.
 Right away we found a museum Docent sitting alone with a table of skulls.  Boo sat down and the two of them began to talk.  After a while the Docent offered to go into the museum's closet to bring out an ostridge, owl, & alligator skull, and the jaw of a shark.
 The Docent asked Boo many questions about the teeth, the eyes, the bones, the phylogeny.  I listened happily as she answered; omnivores, herbivores, mammals, diastema, predators eyes look straight ahead, sharks are made of cartilage not bone, avian bones are hollow for flight...
 Finally, the Docent turned to me, "So, you home school."
"How did you know?" I asked
 She laughed, "Because it shows.  I am a retired teacher.  I taught high school biology and then math.  I work here in the science programs with 4th & 5th graders. I know a good education when I see one."  She paused then chuckled again, "Avian, diastema, not very common things to know at her age."
~well then, cheers for uncommon~

We contributed to Saturday's Artist :)

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  1. dang, i had no idea that dino's crossed there. lol what a great day you all had.