Thursday, March 15, 2012

on the move

"Mom, would we ever move?" she asked from the backseat. 
I thought about it, "Well, now that the older kids are mostly grown maybe if there was job or a property that worked better for all of us. Or if we were asked to move back to Etna to help care for GG Bent"
"I want to move.  It sounds like an adventure."
I agree with her. 
It would be an adventure. 
I explain putting down roots and how strange and new our house was to all of us when we moved west...
"But I don't remember moving," She protested.
And I sort of agree with her again; I hardly remember not living here myself.
I explain to her I think she has a bit of spring fever.
I offer a road trip in the near future.
For now how about a library branch we never go to?


  1. We are getting ready to move in May to live with my in-laws who are 3 hours away (still in Iowa). We will be moving again, to Montana, sometime after the New Year. It is an adventure, but man is it a pain in the butt at the same time!

    1. Oh Tina, part of me is jealous. What an interesting chain of events you guys have in store. AND I would love to live in Montana!!! What I really want to do is take 4 months a great road car and go,go,go across country. Good luck on the moves ahead.