Monday, March 12, 2012

all in a school day

We had a rather easy week last week as far as school goes. 
It was slow & simple because life last week was fast & complex. 
Most of the excitement was around 2 family birthdays, a little angst over gymnastics, some recovering immune systems, & a mommy athlete back in hard core training.  
But by Monday morning Boo was asking what had happened to our schedule. 
I told her I thought it was pushing her (& me!) too much. 
"It was, that was what I liked about it!" She gasped.
Oh, of course you do. So, back to the schedule it is...
 We did subtraction & story problems, read through a stack of library books, 
& worked in our new language arts workbook all in the comfort of mom's bed.
 Line writing practice, including the number 8 (her idea not mine), the sign for infinity (why not?, it is just 8 on its side), & some spelling on the little board.
 Played a few hands of Go Fish & then a game of Clue with lunch on the floor.
We skipped our PE walk (we have plans to hit the pool tonight)
& skipped science (not interested today), heading straight for Ancient Greece, Boo's new passion.
From there we visited US History on the prairie.
And now how about some PBS kids? is time for a cup of coffee for a mom who started her day with 6am workout!


  1. I need to get out our Age of Mythology game, and see if we like it. I got it because Trev's a big fan... but we've never seriously checked it out!

    1. I tried mythology about 1.5 yrs ago with no interest from Boo. So I was very pleased when she jumped right in this time around. Let me know how the game goes, maybe it would be something we would enjoy too.