Friday, March 23, 2012

day tripping to Ophir, Utah

Instead of 'teaching' Utah (regional) history & geography to Boo I thought we should get out to see it for ourselves and learn as we go. 

We (Boo, her step brother, me, & the 2 dogs) started with a quick road trip heading out past the edge of the Great Salt Lake into (& out of) Tooele, about 30 miles from SLC.  We frequent Tooele often it is the gate way to our favorite spring and fall camping (Utah's West Desert).  But instead of heading for our usual path towards Veron and the desert beyond we turned off highway 36 onto 73 running along the edge of the now retired Deseret Chemical Depo and made for the mountains to the 'Ghost town" of Ophir.
We were welcomed to town by a very curious herd of deer
but the whole time we were there we only saw one other car passing through.
Navigating between the no tresspassing signs and the tourism spots
we wandered with dogs through the town and up the hillsides.

Ophir's steam train
You can see in the background the warning
signal for the Deseret Chemical Depo. 
What amazed me was the colors, the whole place had a funny blue hue (old silver mine). And the sound of the wind in the canyon was spooky.
The old school house. 
I made my way up the hillside to get this shot.
I thought I might have a heart attack when out of no where Boo
found the school bell and rang it. 
It echoed so loudly down the empty roads & off the narrow canyon walls.
More of the amazing colors.

Iron Pyrite
A little rock hounding in the piles.
The Utah stone
This stop was down the road at the mouth of the canyon,
so not technically part of Ophir.
But we had caught a glimpse of an old structure on the way in.
We had to go check it out before we left.
Getting over to the spot was not easy.  
In fact our older dog nearly didn't make it out of the raven we crossed. He was following me & the young dog.  The kids walked the pipe avoiding the steepness altogether.  In the end a few minutes late he popped up to join us.  Getting back down was the easy part :)
~Oh be careful how you step in them nails!
And sky.
Besides all the blueness, there was purple, and orange.
I dig this shot of the step son reluctantly pausing so I could snap his pic.
Homeward bound & dreaming,
 with treasures.
Class dismissed.


  1. Love that you noticed the silver hue to landscape. I'll bet it was eerie and cool...and of course, treasures. I just cleaned all the rocks out of my jogging stroller. Looks like a place worth visiting. thanks for sharing...maybe we'll go there when next time we head out to visit the in-laws.