Wednesday, March 28, 2012

post cards from Southern Utah, day 3 Hovenweep to Temple Mt

Right after breakfast we hiked through some more sites at Hovenweep before heading out towards Montezuma Creek (via back roads) and the Trail of the Ancients. 
More catch & release lizards.
We stopped in Bluff at Fort Bluff to get a little pioneer history
and to eat fry bread at Twin Rocks. 
Then continued on the Trail of the Ancients turning off onto a little sand washed road driving the Comb Wash. 
Found a real cowboy :) along the way and a spot to rock hound.
Once out of Comb Wash we drove towards Hite passing along the way the Colorado River & the San Juan River.  We passed Fry Canyon and the 3 Sun Tables, Cheese Box Butte, Jacob's Chair, Natural Bridges and White Canyon. 
That was a long drive along the San Juan Swell toTemple Mt where we camped at the gates of Goblin Valley.
 We found a spot to dry camp and of course then we hiked!
 Uranium mine anyone?
Boo collecting 'leaverites' (leave 'em right there rocks)
 BLM rock finds
A huge starry sky and warm sleeping bags for our last night out.


  1. Oh, I'm jealous! I need that trip too. We LOVE Hovenweep and also camping in view of Temple Mountain. DId I say I'm jealous????

    1. We were headed to Mexican Hat but Hovenweep was so amazing. We lucked out at Temple Mt. the campground inside Goblin is tiny and was full so we backtracked to Temple. I like the freedom of BLM.