Wednesday, March 21, 2012

having fun with writing

I picked up a handful of these books Road to Writing a few years ago at of all places a Kmart.  Mostly they were intended for the single reluctant writer (middle son) in the bunch to play around with over his summer break from on-line home education.  But the work below is the work his little sister (peek-a-Boo) back before Kindergarten.  I suppose that means she was doing his homework, lol.  Oh-well, it was just for fun anyway, wink-wink
The other day after Boo finished her reading I offered them to her.  She had so much fun finishing the Mile 2 book (and seeing her old work!) she can't wait to start Mile 3.  They are full of short quick writing prompts and games in varying levels of complexity (Miles 1-4). 
Love them!

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