Tuesday, March 13, 2012

a drop out mom

"I think I am done with school today." I say looking at the pile of history, geography, science, math, & language arts books before us.
I have read us through to Rail Road Camp into & out of a battle with Death.  Through Sparta and into a slave rebellion, charted a route through Northern Africa.  We have visited a toy store with Mr. Putter, chucked wood not would with a wood chuck, looked at the whole hole, taken away & regrouped, played with Prefixes all the way back to Greece, & followed the food chain to the Bathypelagic Zone of the ocean. I fixed 3 lunches, prepared dinner (crock pot luv on a gym night), cleaned a room or two, walked the dogs, worked out (me), Webkinz care (her). We have chatted, nodded (me), colored a sunset instead of Greek Mythology (her impression of Hercules in Spain), counted seconds held in handstands, supervised the construction of a pulley system... 
"Mom, you can't be done!  If you quit now you will be a drop out."

No, I believe If I quit here I will have a Bachelors in General Studies :)
& perhaps, if I'm lucky some sanity left.

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