Thursday, March 15, 2012

a sick day? perhaps not

I think I have a sick kid but I'm not sure...  Last night she rolled in from helping her Papa run a water line out the greenhouse.  Through the back door carrying her mud boots she sheepish announced, "My tummy feels weird."
"How so Boo, like puke-y?"
"I don't know. When I run it feels like I forgot something & that kind of hurts."
Do you have or know a child like this, one who cannot or will not relate pain or illness?  If she falls or gets knocked down she will spring to her feet, "What?!" she snaps at anyone foolish enough to make eye contact.  She likes to be strong, she likes to be tough.  It is part of the reason I hoover through her gymnastic practices.  Quite literally she could break her arm & you would not know she was even in pain.  She is also exceptionally in tune with her body, so much so I believe she finds words inept at specifically or adequately expressing her feelings.  Such a stickler for specific literal language.  
The Wong Baker pain scale even fails her: "I don't look like any of those." She told the ER Resident showing her the scale.  "No, how do you feel?" He coaxed.  Blood dripping down the back of her head where 8 staples will soon be placed.  "Sort of bored and hungry?"

Sigh, Life with Boo.

This morning she woke up feeling fine and a short time later the feeling was back.  With no way to bridge the gap of communication between us I put her in a hot shower, set out clean pj's, made her toast & tea, and wondered what to do.  Is it nothing or is appendicitis?
"So, are we having a sick day?" I asked her watching her sip tea wrapped in a blanket.
"Why would we do that, sick days are boring.  I want to do school work today."

 Mom's pain scale (lol):

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  1. That's really tough. My daughter is on the opposite end, where every little thing causes drama. If blood is involved forget it. I also have a hard time know if it's serious or just a scratch. Course, knocking out a front tooth at 4 and bleeding like crazy can be a bit traumatizing I suppose.
    I recently read a book called, "What's Eating Your Child." It may have nothing to do with what Boo is going through, but it is still a pretty interesting book that explains the connection between diet and health.
    I hope you are able to figure out Boo's discomfort.