Tuesday, March 20, 2012

state lines

Yesterday we finished reading Ramona and Her Father.  In one of the last chapters Ramona's father asks her what she wants to do.  She responds by telling him she wants to go stand with one foot in the state of Oregon and one foot in the state of Washington. 
This made Boo giggle, the idea of being in 2 states at once. Today we borrowed Papa's road map to have a look at the state lines near us.  We will start with those in the south and with 2 states at a time working our way up to the idea of 4-Corners!  When it gets hot we will look north.  But for now the south and warmer weather is calling us towards the Utah-Arizona boarder, the Arizona-Nevada boarder, & the Nevada-California boarder. 
I suppose that explains why Boo is in shorts, a tank-top, sunglasses, & a hat, even though we have a layer of fresh soggy snow on the ground.   

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